Letter of Authentication for Firearms of the São Paulo Military Police Museum

Old Steel proudly announces the strategic alliance created with Brazil’s Military Police Museum. This enables our company to provide our customers with authentication letters for military weapons and the historic registry of any item.

If you wish to receive an authentication letter, please complete the following form and upload at least 4 pictures of each item. In the case of weapons, the first picture should show the serial number as clearly as possible.

Questions & Answers:

If I cannot obtain an authentication letter, could I still receive certified information for items of historic value?

We can still help you with the identification of your item and its estimated value.  In our appraisals section you will find complete information regarding our services.  

What is required to request a certification?

Please complete the following form. 

Upload at least 4 pictures of the item.  In the case of weapons or items with a serial number, please include a picture that shows the serial number as clearly as possible.

How long does it take?

Three weeks after we have received the necessary information. 

Does this certificate have an expiration date?

No. The certificate never expires. 

Can this certificate be transferred when I sell the item?

The certificate of authenticity pertains to a specific item.  Therefore, it is automatically transferred when the item is sold.  If you wish to validate a certificate, please contact us with all the reference information.

As a collector, what are my benefits for obtaining such certification?

Being able to identify a historic item is often what determines its precise value.  The more information you have on the item will help you determine its value more exactly and, in some cases, it might even increase the value because you are adding a historic context to the item itself.

Does the value of the item increase if I can identify it and obtain an authentication?

Yes.  Identifying your item is the first step towards determining its reference value for any future transaction.  Obtaining the authentication of a historic item definitely increases its price.

Could I obtain additional information regarding the weapon beyond that included in the certificate?

In such cases, we offer multiple services ranging from identifying a historic item to the management of collections.

Where else can I obtain this certificate?

This certificate is issued exclusively by Brazil’s Museum of Military Police and Old Steel Historical Firearms LLC.  Therefore, it cannot be obtained from any other source. 

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