Do you have an old gun or a historical item and want to know what it’s worth?

Are you looking to sell your gun or a historical item?

Would you like to get it appraised?

Are you a collector and want to insure your collection?

Have you received a gun as a part of an inheritance, and you don’t know the value of your item?

We can help you answer all these questions!

Our staff can perform a basic appraisal for pricing. This appraisal entails bringing the item into the store so we can evaluate the condition, research the item, and provide you with the market value price. This service is available for $35 per item appraised, and up to $70 if research is required for your item. Appraisals are generally completed within two to three weeks from the date we receive all information and pictures.

Once you receive the value of your item, we invite you to use our consignment service. If you wish to sell your item to a third party and need an FFL transfer, we can facilitate that service as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.