Are you wondering how to sell your firearm or other historical items? Consignment is often the easiest way for you to get the best price on your items.


When you sell your item through consignment, you remain the owner until it has been sold to a third party. In practice, you would bring your firearm or other item to our store and reach a pricing agreement with us, allowing us to sell it on your behalf. The benefit to you is that we have a vast network of customers constantly looking to purchase firearms or other historical items. Once we have sold the item to the third party, you—the owner—relinquish ownership and we disburse payment to you, without you ever having to have contact with the third party.

We process everything for you, including preparing the item for sale, determining a fair price, posting the item for sale across our vast network, and arranging for the final transfer of ownership.

Consignment Fees:

In exchange for accessing our network of buyers and negotiating and facilitating the sale, we charge 20% of the sale price. This fee is not charged until your item is sold, with no upfront consignment fees.

Getting top price requires understanding the real value of your item. We thoroughly research every item for historical and financial value. We take professional quality photos and provide a detailed description to create a unique profile for every item that we publish on our own highly-trafficked webpage, through our top-selling partner,* as well as for sale in our store. Our staff includes experienced firearm and antique experts and we can also draw from our extensive network of experts to appraise and authenticate your items.


ffl Licensed Dealers:

As an FFL Lincese , we are knowledgeable about all laws and regulations pertaining to the sale of firearms. We ensure that every sale and transfer complies with local, state, and federal laws to ensure that your item is sold without any problems!

If you have any questions about consigning your firearm or historical item, don’t hesitate to call or come in and see us. We will help you get top dollar!