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   Welcome to Old Steel Historical Firearms!

                                      Our store offers the perfect balance between historical events and the tools that have forged our present. 

We specialize in historical firearms from the American Revolution all the way to Vietnam. You will have the possibility to engage in a conversation about the historical period of the firearm or article you want to acquire. 

Giovanni, founder and owner,  was born in Argentina, grew up with a passion for history and antique firearms.  His grandfather was in the military and his father worked in the Police Department for 40 years, so he learned a lot about modern and antique weapons. He decided he wanted to collect, buy and sell antique military firearms. He moved to the United States and began collecting antique weapons, and became fascinated with American history, particularly the time from the Civil War to the modern era.  His collection grew and grew to a point where he decided to make buying and selling weapons and military memorabilia a full-time business. 

  Come visit us at our recently opened store  in the heart of Old Littleton. Relax, learn and own a piece of history!

Thanks for visiting us.

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