Research Center

Welcome to the Old Steel Historical Firearms Public Reference and Research Center

We envision this space as a point of intersection between the collector, the weapon, and its history.

You will find a catalogue of webpages that we use to research and unveil the historical heritage of the items in your collection.

At Old Steel, we don’t want to hold onto this knowledge just for ourselves. We want to help our community connect their items to their history. We hope you can bring their history alive, to understand how they were used and how people lived and died.

Below is a list of pages directly from the manufacturers so you can start researching your item.



Identify the item—if it is a weapon, the serial number and manufacturer are essential information. If you are unable to find this information, let us know.



Click on the link corresponding to the weapon’s manufacturer.



Enter the weapon’s serial number.



Now you know the year it was manufactured or some additional information about the manufacturer.



Please reach out if you with would like to join us on the journey of discovering the past through the prism of your weapons.

Brazil’s Military Police Museum

Old Steel proudly announces the strategic alliance created with Brazil’s Military Police Museum. This enables our company to provide our customers with authentication letters for military weapons and the historic registry of any item.