Gorgeous all original S&W Model 2 Army chambered in .32 rimfire. Included with this revolver is an original holster, factory letter and receipt when it was purchased in 2000. These revolvers were manufactured from 1861 to 1874 with a total of 77,155 made. This version was the first ever produced in a caliber larger than .22 rimfire. The .32 rimfire was exclusively designed for this revolver. For the time period, due to patents, this revolver was the only legally produced cartridge revolver on the market which made it very attractive to union officers and travelers heading west. This example was most likely part of a 75 gun shipment from the factory on October 16th 1865 and delivered to J. W. Storrs Co., New York, NY Smith and Wessons sole agent from 1857 to 1869. Records confirm the current configuration as correct.

This revolver has survived very well over the years and would make a beautiful presentation in your collection!

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Metal Condition: Original bluing is nice and intact with better than average handling use and patina.

Stock/Grips Condition: Rosewood grips are strong with a smooth surface. There are few small dings on the edges but nothing severe.

Bore: Bore retains strong rifling throughout with shine and light shooting use.

Action: Action functions well with no visible issues.

Curios & Relic Eligible: ANTIQUE

Serial Number: 46607