Remington Armory 1918 Mosin Nagant M91 WW1



Very rare Mosin Nagant Made by Remington in 1918 for Russia. Chambered in the standard Mosin Nagant 7.62X54R, The magazine plate does match the receiver but the bolt is mismatched. Some metal parts are in a silvery finish as the rest is blue. Nice desirable rifle, good example to own for a collector! 

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Metal Condition: Good finish, the blued parts have a nice old patina, some parts such as the magazine, buttstock, barrel bands, stock tip have a silver/dull chrome finish. Stock/Grips Condition: Great condition, looks possibly for a 91/30 but is a solid Mosin stock. Bore: Defined rifling, bore has darkening. Action: Good action, works great. Included Extras: None Curios & Relic Eligible: Yes Serial Number #37681

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