US M3 Sniper Scope Kit WWII Korean M1 Night Vision




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Here’s a great deal on hard to find M-3 Sniper scope for the M1 Carbine rifle. These were used to great effect at the end of WWII, and in the Korean War.

This one is mostly complete with the battery pack, and 20,000v transformer. It seems to only be lacking the lamp housing for the IR illuminator. The optics look to be clear, and unbroken. We have not tried to power the scope on. As with most of these, this one has been configured to be used with normal 6v commercial batteries. The case is in very good condition with the hand tag for optional parts still in the case. The original carry handle is not present. There are no cracks on the wood, and both latches work as they should. This would be a great addition to any M1 collector.

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