German Kriegsmarine 2nd Model Naval Dagger by E. & F. Horster


The hammered finish scabbard retains its gold wash throughout. The bands are the “high-off-the-surface” variety, featuring a mix of acorns and overlapping oak leaves. The eyelets are the triple serrated type. The grip is in good condition, with no cracks. The pommel retains 70% of gold wash. Brown leather buffer pad.

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This dirk is possibly of early pre-1938 construction, it is equipped with the sailing ship blade. The blade is completely bright with extra-fine, nickel-plated finish. All of the frosting is present, highlighting the impressive nautical designs. On the reverse, a fully-rigged sailing ship is positioned on sea plants, followed by an anchor. On the obverse the anchor is eliminated; there is only the ship and lots of floral decoration. This blade remains in mint condition.

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