German Kriegsmarine 2nd Model Naval Dagger


The blade inside the grip and the celluloid grip are both marked with "43". Manufactured by E. & F. Horster, Solingen.

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The grip is of carved wood covered in celluloid which is cracked. This pommel has excellent detail to the bird's head, breast feathering, half-open wings, talons, and wreath with swastika. The crossguard depicts fouled anchors on both center blocks. The ends have the the traditional lined buttons with nipples in the center. The scabbard was produced with a engraved lighting bolt pattern.  The bands are the “high-off-the-surface” style, featuring overlapping oak leaves with acorns. The eyelets are the triple-serrated type, one screw on the throat is missing. The tip is still needle-like. The blade is protected by a brown leather buffer. The blade is decorated with anchor pattern etching.

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