Custom WW II fighting "theater knife"


This good-quality custom WWII Military theater-made fighting knife is in very good condition. Blade looks like a M1880 entrenching tool blade. It has a 9" blade and an overall length of 12".

The word “Theater” doesn’t mean a stage production, it refers to a region or area used by the military in a war such as Pacific theater or European theater so named in WWII. 

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That is the way most of this style knives were created in and They are the most collectible of all hand made and or altered knives. One of the more fascinating features of theater knives is the wide variety of (often scavenged) materials incorporated into their manufacture. Also, you can see a variety of blade styles as well. Handle materials varied greatly. Stag, wood, micarta, aluminum, steel, die cast metal, different styles of bone and one the favorites. A lot of this material was found on downed air craft and ships along with whatever material was available where the soldier was stationed. Some had acces to bakelite found in old electric boxes. Many had liners or spacers in the handles. They used about anything, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, thin slices of bone and wood and leather of course. The blades were often made of stock available on ships, or again downed air craft, files were used and many were made from existing knives they remodeled to suit the soldiers own likes and needs. One of the favorite blade making materials were captured and broken swords and bayonets. 

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