Brazilin miniature faca knife engraved with Varig Airlines logo


The blade is engraved with Varig Airlines logo, manufactured by Eberle Inox, Solingen. Possibly used as a letter opener. Of characteristic form, with embellished mounts and etched single-edged blade, in its scabbard. Latter 20th century. Light wear. Overall length 23.5 cm. 

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One of Varig Airlines flights gone missing is one of the most mysterious stories in the history. Varig Flight 967 was an international cargo flight that disappeared on 30 January 1979 while en route from Narita International Airport in Japan, to Rio de Janeiro-Galeao International Airport in Brazil, with a stopover in Los Angeles International Airport. Neither the aircraft, a Boeing 707-323C cargo aircraft, nor the six crew members have ever been found. The cargo aircraft, operated by Varig, lost radio contact 30 minutes after takeoff, approximately 200 km (120 mi) ENE of Tokyo. Notably, the cargo included 153 paintings by Manabu Mabe, returning from a Tokyo exhibition, valued at US$1.24 million. Neither the wreck nor the paintings were ever found. Investigators found the cause of the accident to be cabin depressurization, which killed the crew.

However, the rumor has that the KGB spies discovered that the plane was allegedly carrying important military equipment from Japan to US and KGB approached the captain to divert the flight in the middle of the Pacific in exchange for a large sum of money. This plan also included the captain killing all other crew members before his actions. Allegedly Cap. Gilberto had a big plastic surgery and disappeared without trace with all his money. He left behind all his family, friends, etc..

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