WWII German Black Wound Badge with award citation


3rd grade Wound Badge with an award citation. This badge was awarded to Corp. G.Blechschmidt, probably during the Battle of Kursk, July 1943 in Ukraine.

Hollow-backed type with a round pin. In near perfect condition. The reverse is stamped with EH 126 which stands for manufacturer Eduard Hahn. Black wound badges were rarely stamped (15-20%) with a makers mark, making this one even more unique.  

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A document was issued with every badge. It is important to note that the award documents came in a variety of designs. Not one was the standard version. This badge and document are issued probably during the Battle of Kursk which was the most pivotal battle in WWII and the biggest tank battle in history. Document is in good shape with the usual crease the middle. The corners are reasonably sharp and there are no tears or missing material.

The black grade was stamped from sheet brass, later steel, and was painted mat or semi-mat. 

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