German Luftwaffe 2nd model parade dagger with hangers and portepee



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Complete with hangers and portapee. A very attractive and collectable WWII Luftwaffe 'Nazi' Officer's Dagger. Manufacturer: SMF Solingen. Measuring 430 mm, with the scabbard on, this dagger features a 257 mm nickel-plated stainless steel blade with semi-sharp edges, remaining bright and crisp, having a very sharp tip. Aluminum binding in the grooves of the celluloid handle. The original, small-style leather blade buffer is in place. Bright aluminum hilt fittings are nicely detailed, including the embellished pommel and eagle crossguard. Oak leaf and acorn motifs on the pommel and cross guard are well defined. Hilt is completed by an original silver bullion portepee. Sterling silver plated aluminum scabbard measures 295 mm, traditional pebbled finish, ball finial. Oak leaf bands with rings, attached dagger hangers with straps. 

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