Finnish Captured Mosin Nagant 91 1941 WWII GREAT



A very nice Finnish captured Mosin Nagant which has been refurbish by the Finns as well. The stock has the characteristic finger grooved stock of a Finnish rifle. The Finish rifles are known for their outstanding craftsmanship, and better then average accuracy. 

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This one with its Russian receiver, and Finnish stampings shows it was used in battle, and was captured from the Russians. This would be a great shoot for your collection.

Metal condition: Very nice bluing with no pitting or scratches. Some honest wear from its age.

Stock condition: Free of any splits, or cracks. One deep scratch behind the bolt handle. 

Action: Cycles smoothly.

Bore: The bore is very shiny for it’s age, with great rifling. 

Markings: All factory markings are clear and well defined.

Included accessories: NONE

Curios & Relic eligible: YES

Serial number: AL2042

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