Winchester 1894 38-55 MFG 1895 ANTIQUE



Gorgeous original production Winchester 1894 chambered in 38-55 Win. This rifle features a 26 inch original octagon barrel with a cupped buttplate. The rifle is very unique in the fact that it is a second year production rifle manufactured in 1895 based on the low serial number and is an antique.

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The rifle has been refinished but done by a professional who knew what they were doing, it is a beautiful blued finish with wood furniture. If you're a collector or enthusiast you don't want to miss out on owning this nice early antique rifle! Metal Condition: Lovely clean blued surfaces with very minimal handling use. Stock Condition: Stock forend and buttstock have good lightly handled surfaces and are strong with no added lacquer. Bore: Bore retains very strong lands and grooves with a smokey shine and light frost. Action: Perfect function, very solid lockup. Curios & Relic Eligible: Antique Serial Number 33834

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