Webley & Scott No.1 Mk 2 Flare Pistol



A very clean example of a World War II era flare pistol used by British and commonwealth forces. Estimated to have been made in 1945. Manufactured by Webley & Scott, the same maker of the renown revolvers that were in service with Great Britain at the time as well.

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It is made of zinc and the firing pin, fixed from the hammer, is intact and appears to be fully functional. A rather uncommon flare pistol that would be difficult to upgrade for a collection.

Metal Condition: Surface of the frame and barrel are a dull gray and made of zinc. Trigger, hammer and thumb latch and breech opening mechanism is blued. Slight handling wear in various places. Stock/Grips Condition: Nice original grips are intact and set firmly on the frame. Bore: 1 inch diameter bore, smooth and free of pitting. Action: Simple break action, breech loading action, similar to Webley revolvers. Curios & Relic Eligible: N/A Serial Number BE 26184

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