Finnish M28 Civil Guard SY 7.62 Mosin Nagant




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Nice condition Finnish M28 Mosin Nagant used by the Finnish civil guard. The bolt does match the barrel which is uncommon. This example features the type 2 SIG barrel with the Civil Guard designation of SY and the ammunition type/chamber diameter marking of “D” on the top center of the barrel which was added later by the army. This barrel bears the boxed SA marking along with the Civil Guard’s inspectors initials on the right side near the serial number of KE belonging to Kosti Eakola. The original stock is of wartime production due to the variant of finger splice with no other visible markings besides a number 2 right behind the trigger guard. Bottom line this is a true Finnish Civil Guard rifle that checks out with correct markings. If you’re looking for a unique Mosin with lots of history this is the perfect choice for you!

Metal Condition: Surfaces are in great shape for the age with the bolt, trigger guard, and cleaning rod in the white. Stock Condition: Good stock, very sturdy having a smooth surface with the common light handling dings. Bore: Bore is mid bright having very defined lands with the groves showing minor shooting wear. Action: Classic Mosin bolt, nearly unbeatable with a very smooth operation. Curios & Relic Eligible: Yes Serial Number #96293

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