Argentine Colt 1927 Sistema w/Holster+3 Mags




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Here’s a nice Argentine Colt 1927 Sistema marked: C.F.S. (Federal Internal Security). This one has a good finish and comes with three mags and an original holster. This would be a great addition to your Colt collection.

Metal Condition: The finish is very good, and like most of these pistols this one was arsenal refinished. Grips Condition: The grips are good with no cracks. Bore: The bore is bright with signs of heavier shooting. The barrel is not the same S/N as the rest of the pistol. Action: Functions with strong springs. This pistol would do well with a good cleaning. Included Accessories: A brown leather holster with 3 mags. The holster is in good shape and has been restitched along the flap. The three mags are in good shape with no dents or splits. Curios & Relic Eligible: Yes Serial Number 80619

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