Model 1884 Trapdoor Springfield with rod bayonet




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The venerable Trapdoor Springfield rifle, standard service battle rifle for the United States from 1873 to 1892 when they began to be phased out by the Krag-Jørgensen rifle. Chambered for the .45/70 Government cartridge, and featuring the unusual (and questionable) extendable rod bayonet, rather uncommon variation of this rifle. An excellent example of functional American history.

Metal Condition: A majority of the metal surface has developed a silvery brown patina. Stock/grips: Very nice, cartouches are easily discernible. A small shard is missing along the rod channel on the underside of the stock Bore: Bore is a little dull but rifling is strong and distinct. Some frosting is present in places. Action: Solid hinged breechblock action. 3 position hammer. Included Accessories:None. Curios & Relic Eligible: Yes, antique. Serial Number 557896

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