Schmidt-Rubin K-31 w/ Troop Tag




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Excellent Swiss service rifle during World War II. Superbly constructed and extremely accurate rifle, suitable for all shooting needs from hunting to competition. This particular rifle features a troop tag, giving a glimpse into its early history. No visible serial numbers were mismatched.

Metal Condition: Original metal finish remains over much of the metal surface, only minor wear and thinning noted. Finish is now a shiny, pleasant graphite color. Stock Condition: Upper hand guard appears to have been replaced as it is darker than the rest of the wood. Wear consistent with being dragged all over the mountains. Bore: Extremely shiny with no visible blemishes. Action: Straight pull bolt action, quality is as to be expected of the Swiss. Locks up solidly and cycles smoothly. Included Accessories: Not an accessory, but a Troop tag under the butt plate put there by the soldier this rifle was originally issued to. Curios & Relic Eligible: Yes Serial Number 821349

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