Type 38 Airsaka With Mum Crest




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Service rifle is Imperial Japan, this model saw use in various conflicts and up until the end of World War II. Known for having one of the strongest actions ever on a military bolt action rifle. Authentic Arisaka dust cover is attached but not matching to the gun.

 At the conclusion World War II, the imperial crest was ordered to be struck from these rifles, making ones that are intact quite uncommon and desirable for a collection.

Metal Condition: Original metal finish remains over much of the metal surface, only minor wear and thinning noted. Finish is now a shiny, pleasant graphite color. Stock Condition: The dovetailed butt piece has a gap between the main body of the stock but is still attacked quite securely. Scuffs and pressure dents in various spots. One screw is missing from the buttplate. Bore: Distinct rifling, bore is a little dark with some frosting throughout. Action: Very strong, solid lockup. One of the strongest bolt-actions ever produced. Included Accessories: Original sling, ripped on one end and dust cover. Curios & Relic Eligible: Yes Serial Number13847

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